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Gearbox Anti Spring

Aztech Chrome Silicon Stainless Steel V2 Gearbox Anti Reverse Spring

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Aztech Custom made chrome Silicon steel wire springs specially designed to reduce trigger weight and increase trigger speed.

These Anti reverse latch springs also offer a massive increase in life span over others on the market.

Chrome Silicon is the ultimate wire for these springs as it has incredible resistance to high repetition, high impact, high shock load and moderately high temperature applications.  Chrome silicon can be used at temperatures up to 50 degrees F higher than chrome vanadium with out distortion.   The presence of chromium in the alloy increases the hardness of the material and improves its tensile strength. It meets ASTM A 401 standards.

These are specially designed and made by Aztech Innovations for V2 style gearboxes.

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Wholesale Sold in packets of 30 springs