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Airsoft Nozzle

APACHE Nozzles

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Aztech APACHE airsoft set length nozzles.

Nozzles Available in 0.25mm increments for you to set your perfect stroke length to suit your hop bucking. The measurement below are measured from the front of the cylinder head to the fully extended nozzle tip.

Typical difference between these lengths and standard airsoft nozzle lengths is -3mm. For example if you currently have a 21.15mm airsoft nozzle, the 18.15mm APACHE nozzle would suit your setup.

17.9mm, 18.15mm, 18.4mm, 18.65mm, 18.9mm, 19.15mm, 19.4mm, 19.65mm, 19.9mm

-Nozzle made from CNC 7075 Aluminium
-O ring Nitrile 70 duro rubber.
-Anodized blue finish.