Alternative Propulsion Unit Update

Alternative Propulsion Unit Update

The same technology has been used in airsoft for a generation now and we believe it is time to shake that up. Of course there is nothing wrong with AEG's and we have developed many products that improve the functionality and longevity of this system however it is still a very mechanically complex system that has many fail points.

There is also HPA or High Pressure Air system which is vastly simpler only using a solenoid and stored air to provide the propulsion for airsoft. That is far more expensive and also needs a compressor and tanks that limit the ability to 'keep going' on the field for extended periods as you need to refill your tanks using your or the fields specialised compressors.

There has to be a better way and we believe we have found it. 

While we cant go into too much detail about how it is achieved, we can list out the benefits;

  1. Only 1 moving part and that is the nozzle to load the bb/gels into the barrel making it far mechanically simpler and more reliable
  2. No other specialised equipment like a high pressure compressor needed. It does have one consumable item but does not require anything other than to just replace when empty like a battery
  3. Variable power and rate of fire that can be changed when required.
  4. Can work in all weather even in snow or extreme heat

This technology can also be used in other industries that propulsion is required in short, large volume bursts such as speargun, tranquilizer and firearm industries. It has many benefits in each of these industries that makes its viability and value proposition very profound. 

For example, in the firearms industry the benefits are below;

  1. No need for brass casings leading to;
    1. Less weight
    2. Less cost
    3. No trace left behind (no brass and also no latent fingerprints that could be left on the brass)
  2. No gunpowder required or residue left behind
  3. Simple mechanism leading to increased reliability
  4. Adjustable rate of fire, power and firing modes due to programable electronic drive circuitry
  5. Ultra quiet operation

The unit will use advanced technology to achieve this and can generate 100 to 35,000psi of pressure of various volumes depending on the application. It will come in different variations as the higher pressure units will use different materials to withstand the very large pressures involved.

The unit as previously stated will use a consumable item which will last approximately 2,000 shots and costing approximately $8 which is cheaper than say its most comparable product, the gas blow back rifle using green gas.

The unit also uses a li-po battery fitting into the buffer tube which is a one off cost that is recharged when depleted. It will be a special battery developed for this product.

With an expected retail cost of USD$799 for the system that can be retro-fitted into any airsoft rifle we believe it is a great price point for the entire system.

In comparison, HPA setup would cost;

  1. Polarstar Fusion Engine is USD$565 
  2. HPA tank USD$199
  3. Regulator USD$158
  4. TOTAL USD$922

In summary, we are developing a modern approach to short burst propulsion applications of which Airsoft will be a main industry in which it will be used primarily. The simplification of the mechanical parts means it will be very reliable while being infinitely tunable. The Airsoft industry has not had many large innovations which shake up the foundation of which the sport is based on. We are bringing in a new type of propulsion that is more reliable than AEG, easier to keep going without having to fill up tanks like HPA and cheaper to run than GBBR's.

The first prototype is currently underway and will keep everyone updated with our progress in this incredibly exciting and innovative product.

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